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They’re considered essential for speaking, help us enjoy the foods we love and we show them off in selfies. With two sets of them during our lives, our teeth are truly amazing. But how much do you really know about your pearly whites?

Fact #1: In a lifetime, the average person spends about 38 days brushing their teeth–but when brushed for the recommended amount of time, it should be more than double that!

Fact #2: Toothpaste has been around for nearly a century. What was used before toothpaste was invented? Chalk, lemon juice and charcoal ashes.

Fact #3: By brushing each day, you can diminish tooth decay risk by 25%.

Fact #4: If you neglect to floss, a significant portion of a tooth’s surface will not get cleaned.

Fact #5: Tooth enamel is among the strongest substance of our body. But it can be damaged by acid produced by mouth bacteria.

Be sure that you brush, floss and get regular preventative dental checkups so that you can keep yours for a lifetime.