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Opening Hours at Dentist WA During the Christmas Season

emergency santaAt Dentist WA Canning Vale, we know that dental emergencies aren’t what you’d like to deal with while you’re spending time with your family during the Christmas season. You want to enjoy your time off work, reconnect with people you haven’t seen and check a few things that have been on your to-do list for far too long.

The unfortunate fact is, dental emergencies don’t happen at convenient times. The team at Dentist WA Canning Vale is here for you if you’ve experienced a trauma. Call us straightaway, and we’ll try to get you in for a same-day appointment.

Get the Attention You Need

Please note our hours for the Christmas season. We’re closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day but are otherwise open to serve our patients.

Saturday 22nd December 8am-8pm
Sunday 23rd December 8am-8pm
Monday 24th December 8am-8pm
Tuesday 25th December CLOSED
Wednesday 26th December 8am-4pm
Thursday 27th December 8am-5pm
Friday 28th December 8am-5pm
Saturday 29th December 8am-8pm
Sunday 30th December 8am-8pm
Monday 31st December 8am-5pm
Tuesday 1st January CLOSED
Wednesday 2nd January 8am-5pm
Thursday 3rd January 8am-5pm
Friday 4th January 8am-6pm
Saturday 5th January 8am-8pm
Sunday 6th January 8am-8pm
Monday 7th January 8am-8pm

Seasons Greetings from Dentist WA Canning Vale

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe and wonderful holiday season. We look forward to providing you the highest quality family dental care in 2019!

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