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Prevent injury! Wear a Sports Mouthguard

girl playing soccerAussie kids love sport but with the increased participation rates, there is also an increased risk of injury to their teeth and jaws. The Australian Dental Association strongly recommends mouthguards for all children playing contact sports. At Dentist WA Canning Vale we provide custom-created mouthguards to safeguard smiles from damage and injury.

Prevention is always better than cure. Are your kids ready for the sports season?

Gap Free Mouthguards

Do you have private health insurance?  It’s very likely that you will be able to get a sports mouthguard with no out-of-pocket expense! Many health funds have a provision for a mouthguard gap-free. It’s the perfect time to check your policy to see if you are eligible.

What Is a Sports Mouthguard Made of?

A mouthguard is created from ethylene vinyl acetate, a strong and highly durable type of plastic. One of the most significant advantages of a custom guard is it’s precisely moulded. Because of this, it ensures a comfortable, snug fit over the gums and teeth. You may not realise that a custom mouthguard also cushions your jaw, neck and even brain while protecting lips, teeth, cheeks and tongue.

Show Off Your Personality

As our mouthguards come in different colours, you can choose one in your favourite hue or select the colours of your sports team.

What’s Involved in Getting a Mouthguard?

The first step is taking impressions of you or your child’s mouth to fabricate a mouthguard with a flawless fit. This simple process involves taking impressions of the upper jaw. They’re then forwarded to our local dental laboratory, where an experienced technician will custom-design your mouthguard. Turnaround times are quick, so you or your child will have your mouthguard back in about 2 weeks.

Parents, you can call to make an appointment to have an impression taken! For additional information about mouthguards, we invite you to check out our Mouthguards page. Contact us to book an impressions appointment today.

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